Scalable software products

UM-Soft is based in Ekaterinburg. Our team has experience with the development and support of corporate software and scalable software products.    

Our capabilities fall into the following fields:

  • Web frontend/backend development
  • Web services development (SOAP and REST)
  • Desktop applications development
  • Mobile applications development
  • Database performance
  • Cloud technologies
  • Scalability and performance in web projects
  • Unit testing + continuous integration + agile
  • Load testing automation
  • GUI tests automation  

Our company had success experience in software development and support for foreign companies. Currently we have an effective long-term contract with an American software company. Under this contract we are responsible for the support, modernization, integration and the development of new functionality for Application Lifecycle Management product.  

The following trends can currently be observed:

  • As a result of national currency depreciation, expenses for IT companies calculated in foreign currency have been significantly reduced. This enables Russian companies to make attractive business offers to foreign clients.  
  • Ekaterinburg is one of Russia’s biggest cities, with a highly developed educational system and a large cluster of software developers. A great number of qualified IT specialists live and work here.

The above factors give us an opportunity to expand our business by finding new foreign clients.     We intend to find partners for a long-term agreement in the sphere of software development. We are also open to negotiations concerning cooperation in any other IT spheres.