Devvela. A Tribe of Code Aficionados

Devvela. A Tribe of Web, Mobile and SmartTV Code Aficionados. We are a team of skilled software engineers and genuine problem solvers.Complex tasks make us excited and enthusiastic.

We live by hunting and problem solving complex high load, big data, social, media and ecommerce projects.

Our clients place their trust and their business in our hands, and we deliver.

Our Specialties:
Web Development, Mobile Development, Rich Web Applications, Cloud Based Solutions, Ecommerce Solutions, SmartTV Development, High Load Projects, Big Data Projects.

How we work.
1. Lean as a business framework.
We believe that everything we do on the project should bring value to our client. We don't believe in heaps of useless documentation and chain of middlemen between us and the client.
2. Agile as a software development methodology.
With the very first iteration our clients get working parts of the project/code.
In addition to the use of real agile in our work, we constantly improve our processes by applying advances practices, like behaviour-driven development, pair programming and others.

3. Full Stack
We are not just designers or just coders. Unlike many others we provide the full range of services and our client gets the result he desires for the full range of platforms — web, iOS, Android, etc — without the need to work with different companies and agencies.

The core team had established the company in 2007 and has since grown to over 30 people across two continents, with offices in Chicago, Tallinn and Yekaterinburg.
In 2013 we've become Devvela.

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Inject your company or project with a fresh dose of brain and skill power of Devvela!

222 W Ontario, Suite 501, Chicago, IL 60654
+1 312 888 6497
Dolores Ibarruri, 2e, Yekaterinburg, Russia 620028
+7 343 319 5169