The Rise of Czech ICT in Europe

In the conference take part Ministry of Industry and Trade, Trade Representation of the Russian Federation, CzechInvest and close cooperation with Russian-Czech mixed Chamber of Commerce. 50 companies will participate in the conference. Most of them developing technologies in medicine and communications software.

Partner of the conference this year is Russia, is the world's largest country in terms of territory, with a consumer market of over 140 million people and big IT market. Europe-Russia cooperation has tremendous growth potential. Investment opportunities exist in every region and in every sector of Russia's economy, with a wide array of government institutions, instruments and investment programs, as well as strong support for investors at all levels — federal, regional and municipal.

The Czech Republic has long been one of the most popular European  destinations for investors in the area of ICT. CzechInvest has formulated the Action Plan of the Czech Republic for Supporting Investment Inflow 2014-2017,  which outlines the main problems of the Czech investment environment and proposes solutions for such problems. The plan is currently being assessed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and will probably be released in autumn this year. I believe that in this issue of Czech Focus you will find valuable information that will enlighten you and benefit your business in the Czech Republic.", said Ondřej Votruba, Statutory deputy CzechInvest.

Participation in the first Russian-European conference in Prague is very justifiable and topical right now. We monitor higher interest from foreign companies to invest in the Czech Republic in the past years and rise of Czech ICT in european market.

Conference Discover ICT for IT companies is headway in european market. September 25th, we meet for the first time to discuss opportunities and share them with others. This year we are waiting delegation from Germany and Russia. You can look conference program and list of the participant.