Complex for individual radiation measurement

The main idea of our project is supplying civilians with information about radiation and calculation of cumulative radiation dose. This project was granted by Fund for Support of entrepreneurship of Sverdlovskaya oblast in 2012. We realize permanent monitoring with fixed or portable equipment that placed in car. Today and almost everyone use car for work and rest. Our equipment fixed in car works permanent. It informs users about radiation level in real time mode and could cumulate and send data to mobile application or computer. Software includes natural radioactivity background, updates it according data about present radioactivity background and calculates the cumulative radiation dose. This information could be completed with medical parameter (blood examinations) over time to prevent diseases. Adaptive learning system makes calculation more exact as a result of data cumulation. Data from different users could be fixed in special data base. Connection of data with geographic coordinates helps everyone to avoid contaminated territories and eliminate risks without radiation dosimeter. This complex of equipment and software could be used as an individual instrument of radiation measurement and control of cumulative radiation dose and at the same time makes information about radioactivity background open to public.

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