Implementation of Wireless Gateway for Smart Home. In recent years, with the rapid development of the computer technology, the communication technology and the network technology, the smart home is becoming the future direction and more and more people thirst for smarter and more comfortable life. Smart home can not only to provide healthy, safe and comfortable living environment, and users can also remote monitoring their home state and control Household appliances. In the smart home system, using wireless network technology can provide greater flexibility, mobility, and more in line with the communication features of the home network. In the past, people used to adopt the Bluetooth technology to build the home network. It has many advantages, and it also has many defects especially for home automation, For example, it is too complicated, large-power consuming and it has a short distance of communication, a high price and too small-scale network. However, if we use FREE-WIFI technology, it will be able to solve the problem and ensure the security and reliability of data communication.